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Last Updated Date – 12-07-2024


F/R(4:20PM) S/R(5:20PM)







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Direct House Ending
67,39,82,53, 6 2
25,43,58,20 4 9

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What is Bhutan Teer Result ?

Bhutan Teer Is A Traditional Ground Sport That Has Captivated The Hearts Of Many In Bhutan. Rooted Deeply In Bhutanese Culture, This Game Is Not Only A Pastime But Also A Reflection Of The Nation’s Rich Heritage And Community Spirit. Played With Archery As Its Central Element, Bhutan Teer Involves Precision, Skill, And A Touch Of Traditional Folklore.

The Game Of Bhutan Teer Is Structured Around Two Rounds Held Daily. In Each Round, Participants Aim To Hit A Target With Arrows, And Their Scores Are Meticulously Recorded. The Results Of These Rounds Are Then Announced, Creating A Rhythm That The Community Eagerly Follows. Unlike Many Contemporary Games That May Rely On Technological Advancements, Bhutan Teer Retains A Charming Simplicity, Reflecting The Country’s Respect For Tradition And Skill.

Bhutan teer result

Bhutan Teer Common Number

The Concept Of The Bhutan Teer Common Number Adds An Intriguing Layer To The Game. A Common Number In Bhutan Teer Refers To A Set Of Numbers That Participants Predict As Likely Outcomes Based On Previous Results And Patterns. This Prediction Involves A Mix Of Statistical Analysis, Historical Data, And Sometimes Intuition.

Enthusiasts Of Bhutan Teer Often Delve Into Past Results To Identify Trends Or Recurring Numbers. This Analytical Approach To Predicting The Common Number Not Only Enhances The Excitement Of The Game But Also Fosters A Sense Of Community As People Come Together To Share Insights And Discuss Potential Outcomes. The Common Number Is, Thus, A Central Element That Connects Players And Adds A Strategic Dimension To The Game.

The Beauty Of Bhutan

Beyond The Fascinating World Of Bhutan Teer, Bhutan Itself Is A Country Of Remarkable Beauty And Cultural Richness. Nestled In The Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan Is Renowned For Its Stunning Landscapes, Vibrant Traditions, And Deep Spiritual Heritage.

Best Places In Bhutan

The Land Of The Thunder Dragon, Is A Mystical Himalayan Kingdom Known For Its Stunning Landscapes, Rich Culture, And Deep-rooted Spirituality. This Enchanting Country Offers A Plethora Of Mesmerizing Places To Visit, Each With Its Unique Charm And Significance. Here Are Some Of The Best Places To Explore In Bhutan.

Paro Valley

Paro Valley Is One Of Bhutan’s Most Picturesque Regions, Home To Sacred Sites And Historic Landmarks. The Highlight Is The Iconic Paro Taktsang, Commonly Known As The Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Perched Precariously On A Cliffside, This Monastery Is A Marvel Of Bhutanese Architecture And Spirituality. A Hike To This Sacred Site Is Both Challenging And Rewarding, Offering Breathtaking Views Of The Valley Below.


The Capital City, Thimphu, Seamlessly Blends Modernity With Tradition. Visitors Can Explore The Impressive Tashichho Dzong, A Fortress And Monastery That Houses The Throne Room And Offices Of The King. The Buddha Dordenma, A Massive Statue Of Shakyamuni Buddha, Stands Majestically Overlooking The City, Symbolizing Peace And Prosperity. For A Glimpse Into Bhutanese Culture And Craftsmanship, The National Folk Heritage Museum And The Handicrafts Emporium Are Must-visit Spots.


Once The Capital Of Bhutan, Punakha Remains A Significant Historical And Spiritual Hub. The Punakha Dzong, Located At The Confluence Of The Pho Chhu And Mo Chhu Rivers, Is An Architectural Masterpiece. Known As The “Palace Of Great Happiness,” This Dzong Is Renowned For Its Stunning Design And Beautiful Murals. Nearby, The Punakha Suspension Bridge Offers Thrilling Walks With Panoramic Views Of The River And Surrounding Mountains.

Bumthang Valley

Bumthang Valley, Often Referred To As The Spiritual Heartland Of Bhutan, Is Dotted With Ancient Temples And Monasteries. The Jakar Dzong, Also Known As The Castle Of The White Bird, Dominates The Valley With Its Grandeur. Kurje Lhakhang, One Of The Most Sacred Monasteries, Is Believed To House The Body Imprint Of Guru Rinpoche. The Valley’s Serene Environment And Lush Landscapes Make It A Haven For Trekkers And Nature Lovers.

Phobjikha Valley

Phobjikha Valley, A Glacial Valley On The Western Slopes Of The Black Mountains, Is A Paradise For Bird Watchers. Every Winter, The Valley Becomes A Sanctuary For The Endangered Black-necked Cranes. The Gangtey Monastery, Perched On A Hilltop Overlooking The Valley, Offers A Tranquil Retreat And Stunning Vistas. The Valley’s Marshland And Surrounding Forests Are Perfect For Nature Walks And Hikes.

Haa Valley

One Of Bhutan’s Lesser-known Gems, Haa Valley Is A Hidden Paradise That Offers A Blend Of Natural Beauty And Cultural Heritage. The Valley Is Home To The Lhakhang Karpo (White Temple) And Lhakhang Nagpo (Black Temple), Both Steeped In Legend And History. The Drive To Haa Valley, Passing Through The Chele La Pass, Is An Adventure In Itself, With Breathtaking Views Of The Snow-capped Peaks And Rhododendron Forests.


Trongsa, Located In Central Bhutan, Holds Great Historical Significance As The Ancestral Home Of The Royal Family. The Trongsa Dzong, The Largest Fortress In Bhutan, Is A Must-visit For Its Impressive Architecture And Panoramic Views Of The Mangde Chhu Valley. The Ta Dzong, A Watchtower Turned Museum, Provides Insights Into Bhutanese History And The Monarchy.

Bhutan’s Allure Lies In Its Pristine Landscapes, Spiritual Ambiance, And Rich Cultural Heritage. From The Majestic Monasteries Of Paro To The Tranquil Valleys Of Bumthang, Each Destination Offers A Unique Experience That Captivates The Soul. Whether You Seek Adventure, Peace, Or A Deeper Understanding Of Bhutanese Culture, This Himalayan Kingdom Promises An Unforgettable Journey.

Majestic Landscapes

Bhutan’s Landscapes Are A Tapestry Of Towering Mountains, Verdant Valleys, And Pristine Rivers. The Country’s Topography Ranges From Subtropical Plains In The South To The Subalpine Himalayan Heights In The North. This Diverse Geography Offers Breathtaking Views And A Haven For A Variety Of Flora And Fauna. National Parks And Reserves, Such As Jigme Dorji National Park And Royal Manas National Park, Are Home To Species Like The Snow Leopard, Bengal Tiger, And Red Panda, Showcasing The Country’s Commitment To Conservation.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Bhutan’s Cultural Heritage Is Equally Captivating. The Nation Follows A Unique Philosophy Of Gross National Happiness, Emphasizing The Well-being Of Its Citizens Over Mere Economic Growth. This Principle Permeates Various Aspects Of Life In Bhutan, Including Its Festivals, Arts, And Community Activities.

Traditional Festivals, Or Tshechus, Are Grand Events That Take Place Throughout The Year. These Festivals Feature Masked Dances, Music, And Rituals, Serving As A Vibrant Expression Of Bhutanese Spirituality And Communal Harmony. The Paro And Thimphu Tshechus Are Among The Most Famous, Attracting Both Locals And Visitors Who Come To Witness The Colorful Spectacle.

Spiritual Sanctuaries

Bhutan Is Also A Land Of Monasteries And Spiritual Retreats. The Iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery (Paro Taktsang), Perched Precariously On A Cliffside, Is One Of The Most Revered Sites In The Country. This Monastery, Along With Others Like Punakha Dzong And Bumthang’s Jambay Lhakhang, Offers A Glimpse Into Bhutan’s Profound Buddhist Heritage. These Spiritual Sanctuaries Are Not Only Places Of Worship But Also Symbols Of The Country’s Enduring Devotion To Peace And Enlightenment.

Community And Tradition

The Bhutanese People Are Known For Their Warmth And Hospitality. The Sense Of Community Is Strong, With Traditions And Values Being Passed Down Through Generations. Archery, The National Sport, Is A Reflection Of This Communal Spirit. Competitions Are Festive Occasions Where People Gather To Cheer For Their Teams, Share Food, And Celebrate Their Cultural Identity. Bhutan Teer, Being A Form Of Archery, Echoes This Traditional Pastime, Blending Community Engagement With The Thrill Of The Game.

Bhutan Teer Is More Than Just A Game; It Is A Cultural Experience That Brings People Together Through A Shared Love For Archery And Tradition. The Game’s Structure Of Two Rounds A Day, With Results Eagerly Awaited, Creates A Daily Rhythm That Is Enjoyed By Many. The Bhutan Teer Common Number Adds An Element Of Strategy And Excitement, Fostering A Deeper Engagement Among Participants.

Coupled With The Beauty Of Bhutan – From Its Majestic Landscapes And Rich Cultural Heritage To Its Spiritual Sanctuaries And Strong Community Traditions – Bhutan Teer Stands As A Testament To The Country’s Unique Way Of Life. Bhutan’s Dedication To Preserving Its Natural Environment And Cultural Identity While Embracing The Joy Of Communal Sports Like Teer Makes It A Truly Enchanting Destination.

In Essence, Bhutan Teer Is A Reflection Of Bhutan Itself: A Blend Of Tradition, Community, And Natural Beauty, Offering Both A Fascinating Sport And A Window Into The Soul Of This Remarkable Himalayan Kingdom.

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